Political Poem

The other year I decided to try my hand at poetry…. I didn’t like it so it never saw the light of day. Anyway this is what I have, but after three revisions and forgetting I wrote it, I’ve decided to table this project. Maybe I’ll approach it at a different angle in a different way one day.

Twas a year before the election, when all through the nation,

Every candidate was stirring of pure agitation;

The numbers are in and are constantly showing

Who once was a joke is now leading the polling.

The pundits, reporters and supporters alike, all make the case

Of who’ll be the last standing in this race.

The Democrats have so very few in this round

No desire to be trampled in this political burial ground.

Maybe no one wanted to follow Obama’s two-term popularity,

Grateful, now realizing this race is now just pure hilarity.

Perhaps it’s that Clinton appears to have such swagger,

Even those secret emails proved to be a weak dagger.

Sanders is really her only formidable foe,

Especially since Joe decided to say “no”.

Chafee, O’Malley, Webb – non factors they are

Have make choosing a Democratic the most boring by far.

If it’s a show you desire, something more entertaining

Look no further than all of the Republicans campaigning.

Where to begin with this political farce

Why let’s start with the one true biggest arse! // The quality candidates are just so sparse.

Donald Trump is apparently the one // the only candidate to beat

Oh God, if he wins I’ll start to overeat. // Proof that needing any qualifications is now obsolete.

No matter what he says his numbers keep increasing

My faith in American politics is slightly decreasing.

Ben Carson, Ben Carson oh where to begin,

His legacy should have ended with that conjoined twin

Instead he’s running as the anti-Obama

He’s only adding to the Republican Party’s trauma/drama

Then you have Ted Cruz a tea party supporter

You’d think his political career would’ve been much shorter.

Carly Fiorina has been in the lead a time or two,

But can she really help increase the nation’s revenue?

Of course we have Jeb, a model candidate

Another Bush in the Oval, might be a miscalculate.

Chris Christie, my man, once thought him the one to beat

Should’ve ran in 2012 and wouldn’t be experiencing such a crushing defeat.

On Gilmore on Rubio on Paul on Huckabee

On Santorum on Graham on Kasich on Pataki

The number of Republicans running reached its peak at seventeen

These campaigns are nothing more than a fundraising machine

Way too many candidates and each running out of time,

it’s just about time to end this rhyme // The time has come to end this rhyme

As party representatives are slowly picked

This race is so volatile, it’s truly hard to predict

Maybe there’ll be another Clinton White House sex scandal

Maybe we’ll be disgusted by the way Trump will eventually mishandle

There are too many uncertainties for the nation’s future

Hopefully there’ll emerge a candidate that’s a master suture.

I wonder if we’re deciding on a president or a reality personality

These candidates not concerned about change but their celebrity mortality.

With this dysfunctional lot of candidates who will be inspired to vote?

I’ve less than a year to hear something of note!

What are your thoughts?

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