A Year Ago Today…


A year ago today, I decided ‘this will be my year.’

A year ago today, I was in the midst of planning an international adventure with a fun group of friends – most of whom I don’t talk to anymore.

A year ago today, I thought I was in love with one of my guy friends but realized he just wears a suit really well.

A year ago today, I had two songs on repeat as motivation to not quit my job prematurely.

A year ago today, I would’ve bet money that Chris Christie was going to be our next president.

A year ago today was a Sunday. I was driving back to my house in DC from my adolescent dwelling in NC.

A year ago today, I didn’t want to arrive at my destination because I was starting to hate living there.

A year ago today, my smile would be genuine but my heart would twinge every time friends told me about the positive progress in their lives. While happy for them in the moment, I’d always leave the conversation wondering ‘when will it be my turn?’

A year ago today, I was living paycheck to paycheck even though I made more than the median income for a family of four.

A year ago today, I wondered about my college best friend. How is she? What is she doing with her life? Will we ever share a conversation again?

A year ago today, I’d never seen any of George Lucas’ work or why it mattered that James Earl Jones was Luke’s father.

A year ago today, I would’ve done anything to change the rut that I found myself in.

A year ago today, I’d still get giddy just thinking about my birthday. I realized I am loved and I’m not as crappy of a friend as I used to be.

A year ago today, I deleted a spreadsheet I created on grad school and possible concentrations. Finally realizing that books not meant for pleasure just aren’t for me.

Today, it’s intriguing to reflect on what I’ve done and who I’ve done it with. Remembering those who should stay in my past and possibly rekindling things with incredible people who have fallen off.

A year from now, I hope that I’ve flourished and figured out why I’m alive.

A year from now, each of my days will have a fulfilled purpose.

A year from now, I won’t be a bum in my sister’s spare room on my sister’s couch (this just sounds better lol, sounds like a true starving artist’s ‘struggle’)

A year from now, I will be experiencing compounded interest on happiness.

A year from now, my intentions and goal-setting/goal-achieving will astound my inner circle more than it will me. They all know that this is one of my biggest character flaws.

A year from now, I’ll chuckle over some text Shonda [Rhymes] just sent me (stretch goal).

A year from now, I’ll still be me. Just in a better place mentally, spiritually, financially and relationally.

It’s important to realize where you’ve been and visualize where you’re going. Use what you’ve learned in 2015 to flourish in 2016. Wishing us both the best of luck for the next 360 days! #YouveGotIt

What are your thoughts?

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