Today, the Huffington Post published my blog on creating and following a personal syllabus that you can write for yourself. You should definitely go read it because I’m not going to repeat myself about it here lol.

However, I want to explain why I was motivated to make a personal syllabus. This whole “new city, new you” thing has been a mental and emotional rollercoaster for sure. I haven’t stumbled upon an amazing friend group yet like the ones I left in Chapel Hill, DC && NYC. For the life of me I still haven’t figured out my purpose nor have any new careers been clamoring to seduce or hire me. Finally, I’m so used to not hearing back from the random jobs I’ve applied to online, even LinkedIn and Indeed have slowed down on sending me job postings because they’re tired of sending me empty promises.

It’s all made me realize that I’m not going to find my next job online. No quirky Google search or email subscription or company’s career page will give me what I want. Whatever I want to do won’t be listed. It’s reserved for people who are ‘in the know’ and ‘connected’ and ‘driven’. I’ve decided I’m going to be one of those people. After shifting my perspective, talking to people in the industry and attempting to align my talents with my interests, I’m starting to have a general idea of where I want to go next in life. Voicing my dream and attempting to go for it in recent weeks is one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. (Sure, uprooting my life and moving across the country was ‘scary’ but that was ‘new adventure’ scary, this new goal is ‘I almost broke out in hives when I realized what I’m about to do’ scary.) However, the fear of reaching 50 at some deadend job disappointed with how I handled my youth is scarier than attempting what I want to do and failing miserably. I’m a millennial. I’ll bounce back, eventually.

That being said, I’ve ordered a few books, am taking online workshops, structuring my time, R E S E A R C H I N G, and writing and reading like crazy in hopes of taking this tiny marble of an idea and helping it to snowball into my wildest dreams.

&& no, I’m not going to state what I’m working on – right now. I’ve got to figure out and fine tune my goals before I share it with you, my audience of 11 (seriously, thank you for reading my thoughts. I love you!). The HuffPost article has a crude syllabus you can follow. You can also download this template I found online to really shape and achieve your ambitions and goals.


What are your thoughts?

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