“How to Not Be a Dick” The Social Cues Handbook that Needs to Exist

Hmm… I’ve been told lately that my blog posts have been a bizarre balance of depressing and funny. Apologies. For some reason I get ‘inspired’ when in a funk and I should probably start filtering when I hit the publish button. For those of you who have reached out to me, your concern is much appreciated. I’ll try to sound less emo in the future.

In an effort to combat my latest “woe is me, I’m a lost 20 something” post, I’ll redirect you to a recent blog of mine on the Huffington Post.

Lately I’ve had intriguing interactions with people and for the life of me I can’t figure out if I should speak my mind or only yell at them in my head. If I don’t speak my mind they’ll never learn, but if I do speak my mind I’ll sound like Donald Trump – irate and illogical. It’s all confusing. WHEN IS IT OKAY TO SPEAK YOUR MIND?!

I’m serious about this book coming into existence. If you’re on the same page as me and want to contribute lemme know. I just might slide you a percentage of the royalties.


2 thoughts on ““How to Not Be a Dick” The Social Cues Handbook that Needs to Exist

  1. I’m right there with you sister, girl! It’s time to speak your mind as in yesterday and surely now at the latest! I’m coming to same realization myself at 25 and 2 months!!!! Go Heels!

    • Haha! Thanks for your comment, Shatarra. There’s a fine line btw speaking our minds and getting into trouble. I hate that there aren’t any rules. I’ll forever be a jerk in my head lol. #FinalFour #WeMadeIt

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