Intellectual Impetus: Tupac Shakur

{i.e. “Monday Motivation” for you non-creative type}

You know when you’re creeping on that one random acquaintance you met at that one random function and you’re all on their Facebook and Insta and stuff [don’t act like I’m the only one], and you think “Huh, they’re into so dope @$$ stuff. Maybe we can meet again and exchange info and this won’t be weird next time.” You know, those moments? Well, the other day I thought this about someone because I was on their page and watched this brief snippet on one of the busiest individuals EVER before he died. I have officially lived longer than this dude by a few weeks. He died at TWENTY FIVE AND (almost) THREE MONTHS. He did so much in such a short amount of time it’s mind-blowing. It’s crazy. It’s absurd. It’s “lemme get my shizz together grind time”.

Here’s to all of my people out there who need the extra kick in the pants.

Happy Monday!

What are your thoughts?

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