**Today’s gifs will all feature Drake. Mainly bc I keep thinking of the blog’s namesake song. Enjoy.**

It’s weird.

I’ve been in contact with a lot of people from my past lately.

Some just reaching out to say hey. Others touching base I think wanting to make amends, but we both know it’d never be the same so we silently decide to leave what we were back there. And yet some more who as much as I want them to be a part of my future, God and other people and even they indirectly tell me they need to stay where they belong — as a memory.

2017 has been a roller coaster. But not in the way most ppl use the roller coaster analogy. This one has been enjoyable! The ups and downs and sudden drops and random, brief moments to stop and see everything that’s around me — to see the scary part of the track I’ve conquered and realizing it wasn’t all so bad to seeing what lies ahead of me and looking forward to the upcoming lurches and stomach in throat feeling — it’s truly breathtaking and exciting as I put both hands in the air after I’ve finally shifted my perspective from paralyzing fear to enjoyment in the unknown.

This journey in LA hasn’t been easy. I think when I was at my lowest I attracted low things. I was a sad magnet who at the time wanted to stay sad because it justified why things weren’t going my way. So, when I decided 2017 would be different, I was intentional about making sure I didn’t feel sad anymore and stayed away from things and people that could bring on those negative emotions.

In a nutshell, I decided to change my energy. Now, don’t get me wrong. I know you can’t turn depression on and off and it’d be belittling to that issue if I framed it as such. I think, for me, I found a way to be honest with myself (mainly because I’m too cheap to go to a licensed professional) and found a way to healthily get myself to a new, enlightened mental state over time. Hence why I was so vigilant in the no social media and voluntary social isolation and being overly attentive to people’s  words/actions so that I could verify if they had my best interests at heart… It’s been a process, but I’m starting to slowly reap what I sewed at the beginning of the year.

As we passed the halfway point of 2017 last weekend, I’m looking to see how I can maximize this positive energy. I’m winning things. People I never thought I’d talk to again are wishing me well. My confidence is on a 1,000 right now. People are seeking me out to work and collaborate with me. Others are seeking advice because I’m giving out wisdom like I know what I’m doing — I don’t lol.

I challenge you to figure out the energy you’re exuding right now and how you can shift if to the positive. Energy is like a boomerang, what you give is what you’ll receive. So go forth and live the rest of 2017 emanating good vibes and surrounding yourself with good people. You’ll be surprised just how far life is going to take you these next six months. I’m excited for you. Let’s finish this year positive and strong together. ❤


What are your thoughts?

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