Facts, Answers & Questions

1. What’s your name & how do I say it? My name is Moni(sola) Oyedepo. Moan–ee–soul–ah Oh–yay–day–poe

2. What do you do? I am a “young professional” who is a little restless working for “The Man” and am trying to figure out why I was created, what my purpose is and how I can make the most of the life I’ve been blessed with, while mastering the art of the selfie in the process – ya know along with the other hundreds of thousands of millennials trying to do the same thing.

3. What do you blog about? I blog about all the random things that interest me. As I approach my quarter century mark, I’ll write about my many successes and inevitable fails. Whether I’m sharing a story of how I and my friends are navigating our 20s or my two-cents on current events or sharing a YouTube link that made me smile – I gather my thoughts, make them coherent and publish them for all the world (and you) to enjoy.

4. What Excites You? Meeting new people. I love interacting with people and hearing their stories. There’s something about getting to know people and finding a way to connect with them that interests me. If I can figure out a way to meet people, hear their stories, share their life with the world and make it a career, I think I would have found the ‘golden ticket’ to my purpose.

5. Your views on Politics? Religion? Culture? You’ll just have to be a dedicated reader to find out!

6. What Song Could You Play on Repeat for 24hrs? Sweater Weather– The Neighbourhood, “Ain’t No Sunshine– Bill Withers,Don’t Look Back– Miguel,Hanging On– Ellie Goulding,The Crying Game – Nicki Minaj/Jessi Ware,BBHMM– Rihanna,  “Wake– Hillsong Young & Free,Waiting Game– Banks,Worst Behavior– Drake,Drunk In Love (Remix)– Beyoncé/Jay Z/Kanye West

**I must say that I have a slightly addictive personality. It took me about 45 mins to cut this list down to 10 songs. All of these songs and more I’ve played at least three days in a row without a problem. My roommates may hate the repetitiveness, but Zzzz**

7. Favorite Memory? Top three all include my family. Don’t tell them. They’d take it to their heads.

8. Piece of advice? Get a passport and use it. There is so much more to this world than viewing it through a computer screen. How else can you be vastly underwhelmed to seeing the Mona Lisa unless you visit it yourself?!

What are your thoughts?

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